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“STEP 1: Be on Hey Kentucky! STEP 2: Defeat Roger Federer!” (Tuesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt and Drew discuss Kentucky’s win over Central Michigan. It was a shaky opening performance from the Cats, so we’ll check in with Matt and Drew on their “Hype Levels” for the players later in the show, and a Lexington show dog is a no-show and her owners are hoping to track her down soon. My guess, show business got to be too much for the poor pup.

“Hey Kentucky! goes to KSBar!” (Friday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt and Drew are talking UK’s opening game against Central Michigan. (We’ll see if their trash talk puts a fire under Running Back, Benny Snell.) Rick Pitino’s new book is about to hit the shelves, and in it, he calls Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, “unhinged.” but he’s one to talk.s.

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