Game Time

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right!”

We play a game of “Swipe Left/Swipe Right” with today’s top newsmakers. Which way would you swipe Ron Burgundy or Cardi B??? BOTH LEFT, please!!!

“Yea or Nay!”

Matt and Mary Jo break down Kentucky’s legislative agenda in a game of Yea or Nay! Should tampons be taxed as a luxury item? Matt and Mary Jo cast their vote!

Good Week Bad Week!

Mary Jo and Chip play a game of Good Week/Bad Week to see who the winners and losers are from the last seven days.


Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Matt Jones and Goose Givens break down who’s had the best and worst weeks. They’ll talk hemp, Michael Cohen, stadium food,

Fun with Auto-Correct!

We’re having fun with Auto-Correct and the new UK Wildcats. Who’s your favorite of the new KY Wildcats, Quadruply Great, Phone Wash, and Zombie Pants?

“Good Week/Bad Week!”

It’s been a good week for the Notorious RBG, who has herself a new action figure, but it’s been a bad week for Isaac Humphries, who got cut from the Atlanta Hawks the day after he signed… It’s “Good Week/Bad Week!” Check it out!

Good Week/Bad Week!

Who’s having a good week? Well certainly cheese is having a good week, along with Bob Woodward. Who’s having a bad one? No doubt, a former Kroger employee caught up in a dastardly ‘ham’ caper. Matt and Josh talk about these and more in this week’s, Good Week/Bad Week! CHECK IT OUT!

Swipe Left/Swipe Right! BIRTHDAY EDITION!

It’s a special birthday edition of “Swipe Left/Swipe Right.” It’s all about Matt today. Would you swipe right on 40-year-old Matt? How about 20-year-old Matt? We’ve got all the Matt’s tonight!

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right!”

We play another game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right with some of today’s top newsmakers. You gonna swipe right on a GIANT statue of Jeff Goldblum

Swipe Left/Swipe Right!

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Mary Jo Perino and Drew Franklin play a game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right! They’ll make decisions on topics like today’s Supreme

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