Game Time

Good Week/Bad Week!

Who’s having a good week? Well certainly cheese is having a good week, along with Bob Woodward. Who’s having a bad one? No doubt, a former Kroger employee caught up in a dastardly ‘ham’ caper. Matt and Josh talk about these and more in this week’s, Good Week/Bad Week! CHECK IT OUT!

Swipe Left/Swipe Right! BIRTHDAY EDITION!

It’s a special birthday edition of “Swipe Left/Swipe Right.” It’s all about Matt today. Would you swipe right on 40-year-old Matt? How about 20-year-old Matt? We’ve got all the Matt’s tonight!

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right!”

We play another game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right with some of today’s top newsmakers. You gonna swipe right on a GIANT statue of Jeff Goldblum

Swipe Left/Swipe Right!

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Mary Jo Perino and Drew Franklin play a game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right! They’ll make decisions on topics like today’s Supreme

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