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Trump and Biden Visit KY!

President Trump and Former Vice President, Joe Biden came to Kentucky’s 6th District to promote their party’s candidates. We sent Kathleen Smith to ask people what brought them out to support their candidates.

“Hey Kentucky! Featuring Lee Cruse!” (Thursday’s Full Episode)

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Matt Jones is joined by Lee Cruise in the studio. They’ll talk today’s headlines, including Eastern Kentucky University students’ reaction to Trump’s upcoming rally, Senator Mitch McConnell’s latest approval ratings and news from today’s UK basketball media day.

“Hey Kentucky! on the road in LOUISVILLE!” (Wednesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! We’re on the road in Louisville and Chip Cosby joins Matt to talk some of tonight’s top headlines, including a special guest coming on the “Pitno Press” podcast with Rick Pitino, more speculation on where UK Football will go bowling this year, and a new report saying that Amy McGrath has one of the few campaigns in the country running NO NEGATIVE ADS.


Matt talks with Louisville Congressman, John Yarmuth about the 2018 election and the divided nature of politics today. CHECK IT OUT!

“Hey Kentucky! Featuring Drew Franklin!” (Tuesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt is joined in studio by Drew Franklin to talk tonight’s headlines, including Andy Barr’s criticizing Amy McGrath for not doing more debates… somewhat ironically, and Goodfella’s pizza in Lexington has gotten itself embroiled in a feud with Barstool Sports.

Chris Tomlin: Gladesman

We sent Chris Tomlin down to the Florida Everglades to see what it takes to be a true Gladesmen, which means he’s hunting pythons. CHECK IT OUT!

“Hey Kentucky! Featuring DREW FRANKLIN!” (Wednesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt and Drew break down today’s top stories: Andy Beshear hires a special investigator to look into claims against KY Secretary of State, Alison Grimes; Matt Bevin has launched a new website to let people choose what facial hair he has, a la carte, and a Cats fan leads the cops on a high stakes tractor chase.

KY School Performance!

An in-depth report was released detailing Kentucky’s top and bottom performing schools. Matt breaks down the list. CHECK IT OUT!

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