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Kathleen Smith Dachshund Derby

Kathleen Smith heads to the annual “KY Dachshund Derby” to get a closer look at the cutest two minutes in sports.

Hey Kentucky! with Mary Jo and Steve!!! (Thursday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Andy Beshear, Adam Edelen, and Rocky Adkins agree to play nice after a contentious Democratic Primary, the KY Supreme Court heard arguments today on how UK Healthcare collects its bills, and KY Senator Mitch McConnell talks about a large Republican resistance to Trump’s Mexico tariffs.

Hey Kentucky! with Mary Jo and Josh Corman! (Tuesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Governor Bevin denies involvement in the firing of his outgoing Lieutenant Governor’s staffer, Mitch McConnell’s wife finds herself in the middle of a controversy over her ties to the Chinese steel industry, and a Barbershop in Western KY gets a surprise visitor.

Hey Kentucky! with Mary Jo Perino and Drew Franklin!!!

TONIGHT! The SEC gives the green light to alcohol sales at its stadiums, ads are already popping up asking Kentuckians to “Ditch Mitch” even without a current challenger, and one KY GOP Congressman plans to go toe-to-toe against President Trump.

Hey Kentucky with RICKY JONES! (Thursday’s full episode)

TONIGHT! Matt Jones is joined by Ricky Jones, and they’ll talk today’s hottest topics. The UK basketball roster is close to final (we’ll miss you, Brad!) and Alison Lundergan Grimes weighs in on President Trump and the Mueller report.

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