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Hey Kentucky Featuring Mary Jo Perino! (Monday’s Full Episode)

Matt is out of town, so you’re in Mary Jo’s house now!!! Drew Franklin joins her to talk today’s hottest headlines, including UK’s win over VMI and some news that doesn’t look to good for Cats fans hoping to land James Wiseman in next year’s recruiting class.

Matt and Lee on HEY KENTUCKY (Thursday’s Full Episode!)

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Matt Jones is joined in the studio by Lee Cruse… and his new hairdo. They’ll talk today’s headlines, including Mitch McConnell’s calls for bipartisanship… IS HE SERIOUS?!!? and the Kentucky Supreme Court’s ruling on two laws that could have a major impact on YOU.

“Hey Kentucky Featuring Josh Corman!” (Friday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt is joined in the studio by Josh Corman to discuss today’s hottest topics, including a discussion on a possible constitutional amendment for restoring voting rights to former felons in Kentucky and Dan Dakich says big news is coming for Louisville. We’re all ears???

Hey Kentucky with Drew Franklin! (Thursday’s Full Episode)

On tonight’s episode of Hey Kentucky, Matt Jones is joined in the studio by Drew Franklin. They’ll talk today’s headlines, including the latest on the FBI’s investigation into college basketball, violent threats on UK’s campus and an update on the water crisis in Martin County. Plus, what’s next for Amy McGrath?

Hey Kentucky With Lee Cruse 11/07/18

Watch Matt and Lee discuss Andy Barr and Linda Gorton’s victories, the fate of Kentucky’s House races and an election that came down to a

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