Hey Kentucky with LEE CRUSE! (Thursday’s full episode)

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Matt Jones is joined in the studio by Lee Cruse! They’ll talk today’s headlines, including sexual harassment claims in Frankfort and where Kentucky basketball stands in the latest bracketology polls. Plus, there’s still BEEF between Enes Kanter and the Turkish government…

Hey Kentucky interviews DICK VITALE!

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, we catch up with broadcasting legend Dicky V! He’ll be calling the next two Kentucky games, so hear what he has to say about this year’s team. Check it out!

Andy Beshear FULL INTERVIEW!!!

Matt and Andy talk about his run for Governor and why he thinks he should be the one to oust Republican Governor Matt Bevin.

“Hadeel Abdallah FULL INTERVIEW!”

Matt sits down with UK’s very own Rhodes Scholar Hadeel Abdallah to talk to her about Oxford’s prestigious academic award and what she’s passionate about studying with this amazing opportunity.

Robert Goforth FULL INTERVIEW!

Matt interviews ROBERT GOFORTH, who is challenging Governor Matt Bevin for his seat and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the current Governor.

“Yea or Nay!”

Matt and Mary Jo break down Kentucky’s legislative agenda in a game of Yea or Nay! Should tampons be taxed as a luxury item? Matt and Mary Jo cast their vote!

“Hey Kentucky!” with Steve Romines (Thursday’s full episode)

Tonight on Hey Kentucky! Matt Jones is joined in the studio by Steve Romines. They’ll talk the headlines of the day, including the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky and Gov. Matt Bevin’s approval rating. Plus, could Eddie Gran be leaving for Georgia?

Lee Cruse with comedian WHITNEY CUMMINGS!

Tonight on “Hey Kentucky!” comedian Whitney Cummings talked about rolling out new material and staying away from politics in her sets. Check it out!

“Hey Kentucky! Featuring ADAM EDELEN!!!” (Wednesday’s Full Episode)

TONIGHT! Matt is joined in the studio by ADAM EDELEN, the latest Democratic candidate for the 2019 Governor’s race. They’ll talk tonight’s biggest headlines, including what’s going on in Frankfort, Mitch McConnell takes some heat from Republicans over the shutdown, and Neal Brown steals a Louisville assistant just moments after he was hired.

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