“Life Behind KSBars!”

What is life like behind KSBars for Ryan Lemond, the notorious putter who is in the middle of serving his sentence for his flagrant missing of 5 consecutive putts on live television. CHECK IT OUT!

Hey Kentucky! LIVE “Putt for Prison” Special!!!

TONIGHT! It’s the night everyone has been waiting for. Ryan Lemond gets 5 putts. For everyone he sinks, he gets $$, but for each one he misses, he’s headed to KSBar jail for 2 days. CHECK IT OUT!

“Hey Kentucky! featuring RYAN LEMOND!!!”

TONIGHT! Bill Nye the Science guy teaches a KY Congressman a lesson about Climate Change; a 150-year-old mystery safe is about to be opened in Northern Kentucky, and the NBA Draft lottery means BIG NEWS for a whole host of Wildcats.

Robert Goforth INTERVIEW!!!

Robert Goforth stops by to talk about his race for Governor and how he plans to beat Matt Bevin in next weeks Republican Primary race. CHECK IT OUT!

“NCC: Lexington Craft Beer Week!”

It’s “Craft Beer Week” in Lexington and the guys at the New Circle Circular head downtown to sample some of Lexington’s finest craft brews… but maybe a few too many of them. CHECK IT OUT!

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