Special Reports

Goat Yoga w/Perrin and Chris!

Perrin and Chris have been looking too tense lately, so we sent them to Yoga this morning, but then they looked a little too relaxed, so we made them add goats to the mix. CHECK IT OUT!

Hey Kentuckians in Cars Getting Coffee!

The crew is getting ready to hit the road for the SEC Tournament, so we wanted to debut the extended version of a series of promos you’ll see in the coming weeks. It’s a parody of the popular Netflix series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

“Ryan Lemond: Certified Ghost Hunter!”

It was recently brought to our attention that none of the Ghost Hunters on Hey Kentucky’s staff were properly certified, and it needed to be rectified immediately, and we started with Ryan Lemond.

“Free Money! Oscar’s Betting!!!”

Hold up a garbage bag, because FREE MONEY is falling from the sky. Matt and Drew get you ready to bet on the most prestigious Entertainment awards of the year. YOU’RE WELCOME!

NCC: Oscar Watch!

Oh no! The Oscars are on Sunday and you’re not ready for them!!! DON’T WORRY. We have an Oscar’s expert from the New Circle Circular who can help, and he’s already seen TWO of the Oscar contenders.

Tyler Childers Water Delivery!

Kathleen Smith heads to Martin County to check-in on what’s happened over the last year to move towards fixing their water crisis.

Hey Kentucky’s Christmas Gift Bag!

Lee goes down the list to tell us what all we got for Christmas here at Hey Kentucky! from some of our favorite names across the bluegrass.

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