Heisman for Benny? SNELL YEAH!

After another fantastic performance by our undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, we want to officially throw our hat in the ring for why Benny Snell should get the Heisman.

“Woo Goes Tailgaiting!”

We sent Lucasz “Woo” Orbzut to the UK tailgate before their game against Murray State to check in with the die-hard UK Football fans. CHECK IT OUT!


It’s almost that time of year again, and fans are getting HYPED for this year’s basketball roster. Lee and Goose breakdown this year’s new roster and assign HYPE LEVELS for each of Cal’s new players. CHECK IT OUT!

Bahamas Recap!

Matt and Drew recap the Bahamas trip. How good could these Cats be? Sophomore Nick Richards? Is Tyler Herro better than we thought? Is Keldon

Hey Kentucky with TOM JOMBY

On tonight’s episode of Hey Kentucky, Matt interviews pro-tennis player Tom Jomby. Check it out!

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right!”

We play another game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right with some of today’s top newsmakers. You gonna swipe right on a GIANT statue of Jeff Goldblum

Swipe Left/Swipe Right!

Tonight on Hey Kentucky, Mary Jo Perino and Drew Franklin play a game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right! They’ll make decisions on topics like today’s Supreme

U.K. NBA Draft Talk!

Mary Jo and Jack “Goose” Givens talk about the Cats that are hoping to make it into the big leagues at tomorrow’s NBA Draft.

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