Vikings Wide Receiver JEFF BADET!!!

Jeff Badet may be the fastest man in the NFL and he plans to find out at the end of this month at the 40 yards of Gold. Mary Jo talks to the former Cat tonight on Hey Kentucky!

UK Recruit JOHN YOUNG Interview!!!

John Young is a Four-Star Offensive Lineman from Christian Academy in Louisville and he’s decided to become a Wildcat and he visited the studio today to talk to us about it.

Hey KY! 2020 Democratic Preview: Tim Ryan

We’re previewing the 2020 Democratic Primary field and today we’ve got Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, who calls himself an F.D.R. New Deal Democrat with a vision for America’s future in Manufacturing. CHECK IT OUT!

C. Wesley Morgan Interview!

C. Wesley Morgan says it’s time for KY Senator Mitch McConnell to go and he says he’s the man to replace him. CHECK IT OUT!

Robert Goforth INTERVIEW!!!

Robert Goforth stops by to talk about his race for Governor and how he plans to beat Matt Bevin in next weeks Republican Primary race. CHECK IT OUT!

Hey Kentucky with DONTAIE ALLEN!

TONIGHT! Matt Jones chats with Kentucky’s own Dontaie Allen, who will be joining the Wildcats basketball roster next season. He’ll talk about his role next season and give an update on his injuries. Plus, what goes down in a UK commit group chat?! Check it out!

Brennan Canada INTERVIEW!!!

We interview Kentucky’s newest walk-on Brennan Canada about joining the Wildcats and what it’s like to be a part of the Big Blue Nation.

Robert Stivers FULL INTERVIEW!!!

With a Special Session looming over Frankfort, Matt talks to Senate President ROBERT STIVERS. They talk about: KY’s upcoming Special Session on latest Pension Bill, Transparency between parties in Frankfort, and Stiver’s thoughts on the Kentucky Governor’s Race.

“Jonny David Interview!”

Jonny David comes on to talk about his time as a Kentucky Wildcat, what it meant to him, and what advice he has for Kentucky’s new walk-on. CHECK IT OUT!

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