Special Reports

Tyler Childers Water Delivery!

Kathleen Smith heads to Martin County to check-in on what’s happened over the last year to move towards fixing their water crisis.

Hey Kentucky’s Christmas Gift Bag!

Lee goes down the list to tell us what all we got for Christmas here at Hey Kentucky! from some of our favorite names across the bluegrass.

NCC: Christmas Lights!

The guys at the New Circle Circular are gearing up for a Kentucky Christmas by heading down to Lexington Fire Station 20 to learn about their light show and toy drive.

“Lee Tees Off!”

Lee Cruse tees off, and this time he’s set his sights on college players new kicks, and the Texas AM/LSU game that went into 7 overtimes!

NCC: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken from the New Circle Circular has a lot to be Thankful for, and so do a lot of familiar faces in Lexington.

Drew Franklin: LUMBERJACK!

Drew heads down “Battle Axes” to try his hand at Axe throwing, you know, like Lumberjacks do when there aren’t any more trees to cut down.

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